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    Hola Amigos, yes I'am a hispanic that does not know that much Spanish but getting there lol and well dont know where the white skin came from and if you dont like it then screw you plus to those who would call me wapanese or a weeaboo well guess what I know what I 'am and who I'am so I'am quite aware that I'am not asian(been mistaken though as one XD)but I enjoy Anime,Japanese music of any genre and find their culture very interesting as much as any other culture that fascinates me. Anyway for starters name is Arianna I'am 18 live in Oregon,a wild child by heart,very picky with music but dont really judge,I'm more of a guy friend type of girl but if there any Chicas who wanna be friends it's cool. On a daily basis I like listening to different types of music from other nations and cultures,drumming on my Djemebe,Yoga,learning about cultures of all kinds I find their history and ways of life are just fascinating, and whatever I can find to do everyday.<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`<br />
    Likes<br />
    Drawing on myself<br />
    Music,<br />
    Pocky,<br />
    Ramen,<br />
    Singing,<br />
    SCREAMING<br />
    Reading whatever I can find,<br />
    Writing when I feel like it,<br />
    Doodling(honestly who doesn't?),<br />
    Dancing in the kitchen<br />
    Questioning my Sanity once in a while<br />
    Anime,<br />
    Darkness,<br />
    Dark colors,<br />
    The Moon,<br />
    The night,<br />
    Dancing with myself<br />
    Vampires,<br />
    Trying on different looks<br />
    Yaoi,<br />
    Choir<br />
    Setting things on fire<br />
    Jelly Bracelets<br />
    Japanese art<br />
    Annoying my family to the point they wanna scream<br />
    Learning new languages<br />
    The smell of pumpkin spice<br />
    Halloween(Scaring people as my tempt job for the season)<br />
    Making herbal things<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    Dislikes<br />
    Backstabbers,<br />
    Light colors,<br />
    The sun,<br />
    The Day,<br />
    Fakes<br />
    Bad music<br />
    Being yelled at<br />
    My Curiosity<br />
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