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  • Artist Info: My name is Diane, but call me De cuz I hate the name Diane.<br />
    I'm 13.<br />
    My birthday is November 17th.... DON'T get me anything for my birthday... or Christmas.<br />
    I have blue-green eyes, more blue than green. <br />
    I have brunette-red hair, brunette at the top, red at the bottom.<br />
    My fave colors are black and purple.<br />
    I have nine earrings total (eight on my left ear and one on my right ear) My goal is to get 12 on my left ear and four on my right ear. ^.^ <br />
    My best female friend is Ru (Pengyluverr) She's like the awsumest female friend ever!! <br />
    I'm shy most the time and I don't like to talk much.<br />
    The only time I talk is when there is something to talk about.<br />
    I have likes and dislikes.<br />
    um.... If you have any questions PM me, cuz I like random PM's <br />
    ^.^ <br />
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