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  • Artist Info: -U could call me Aimi<br />
    -Where do i live? I aint tellin u!!!<br />
    -How old i am? None of ur business!!!!!<br />
    -Ur a guy and ur askin me out? Not gonna happen!!!!!!!!!<br />
    -Anything that is personal, Ur not gonna know most of them...<br />
    -The only things that i will let u know are:<br />
    -I'm sort of famous for my art work. I got a lot of tips from GummyBear -Head Biter- about drawing anime.<br />
    -And I will probably feel like beating up anybody that tries to annoy me or make fun of my artistic ways...(but i won't... I promise. I'll just probably get mad at you and walk away or ask GummyBear -Head Biter- to beat u up for me).<br />
    --I Love...<br />
    *GummyBear -Head Biter-!!!!!!!! you mess with her and you die. She is my bestest friend in the whole entire world and i would, could, should, and can NEVER forget her.<br />
    This is how much i luv her----> 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999X99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999<br />
    Oh and what i said before, about the "I won't kill you" part, I will probably literally kill you if you mess with her... but i bet you she will finish you off before i can... Bleh... oh well. In other words I think of her as my big sister that I've always wished for. Somebody who would protect me and keep me company and for me to do the same.<br />
    *Soccergirl1313- she is my second bestest friend of the whole world!!! she is funny and cool and she has no rights to be treated badly. I think of her more like my second sister. Somebody who would tell me all the gossip that all the preps talk about me before I go out there and whoop their *****. And of course she is the little sister that I wished for who I would always want to protect and care for. Well... I would do the same with GummyBear -Head Biter- if she wouldn't take away all the fun from me. Jk. But just sayin that GummyBear -Head Biter- can take care of herself but if both Soccergrl1313 and GummyBear -Head Biter- has problems I'm there to help. But anyway... BACK TO THE LIST!!!<br />
    *Gorge Lopez<br />
    *All kinds of Anime that u can think of<br />
    *to Draw Anime (have drawn more than I've posted in the arenas)<br />
    *To write stories (Now working on a story).<br />
    *Tacos<br />
    *Baked Potatoes (with cheese and sour cream)<br />
    *Spongebob<br />
    *songs from Kerli and Evanescence, metal, country, 80's music (mostly Pat Benatar and a lil bit of Michael Jackson) and a lil of Pop<br />
    *To make things fun<br />
    *pink, red, black, white, gold, and silver.<br />
    *To go out to anywhere as long as Im out of the house.<br />
    *And probably something else but i can't think of it right now.<br />
    --I Never Like...<br />
    *Preps (a.k.a.- people that think they're all that and judge people by how they look and act all so dam rude... In other words people that r rotten.)<br />
    *Twilight (well I used to like it until i saw the movie)<br />
    *iCarly and Disney Channel. Bleh!<br />
    *fish and pork (don't judge me just cuz i don't like the "good stuff" wink <br />
    *To hurt anyone (even their feelings)<br />
    *To be poked at any way<br />
    *To be screamed or yelled at<br />
    *blue because it reminds me of depression in people, and purple because it's too prepy.<br />
    *My brother when i'm babysitting him.<br />
    *And probably something else but i can't think of it right now.<br />
    <br />
    U can call me an "it" cuz i can be dressed up as a goth one day... the next i might be girly... i might be a prep the next and make fun of them... the next I might be a punk... and the next, who knows what i'll be...but i no im a never ending "it" that will always keep changing her ways.<br />
    Well U pretty much no a lil about me now and that's all ur gonna get... 4laugh
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