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  • Artist Info: STOP!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~ YOU ARE IN FOR THE MOST RANDOM PERSON YOU CAN THINK OF.....GET IN MY FACE OR BUG ME IN ANYWAY AND U HAVE NO IDEA WHO YOUR MESSING WITH.....BE PREPARED TO KNOW ME AS THE GIRL WHO KICKS BUTT AT GUITAR HERO...AND IS THE QUEEN AT GETTING TO KNOW YOU FOR A VERY LONG TIME...THEN EVENTUALLY LOVES YOU FOREVER.....I AM INTO ANIME SUCH AS...BLEACH,NARUTO,RANMA1/2...(the graphic novels only) I learn things slowly but eventually get it....sometimes i cant hear you WHEN some people are all talking at once(even when my ear is right next to your lips)i know its sad cry whee ....i get easily distracted but u learn to deal with it.....<br />
    Hemmidy hem la hime la hee sha ba doop baa da baa deh by de hoo deh hem la hoo dah meen nah hay heb le doo ba de geep bah FEFF doo ya, neh ba de shmee buh da kay dah moo vin ah heebidy dabbidy bloi de bay mmdah mmmday gimme de bai.<br />
    That's how i'll sound with a mouth full of craaaabs.
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