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  • Artist Info: hi i'm leon597,my real name is Kevin<br />
    if you are reading this then you probably want to know stuff about me.<br />
    well let me tell you this.<br />
    i am an active guy who plays the violin every now and then as well as a little key bored.<br />
    my age is a secret,but i will give you a hint...<br />
    i am under the age of 20<br />
    but over the age of 1 XD.<br />
    OK i like many different things.<br />
    here are just a few:<br />
    skating,<br />
    biking,<br />
    fishing,<br />
    gaming,<br />
    running<br />
    swag surfing,<br />
    and so on...<br />
    i love fishing.i recently entered a tournament(w.o.n. tournament) for the second time and won like $70 worth of gear.<br />
    that is just a few things about me.<br />
    but back to swag surfing<br />
    i like to go to this site called swagbucks and all it is is a search engine that gives you points.points that can be used to buy products.for example i ordered simple stickers and bigger items like ipods. <br />
    <br />
    here,go and sighn up,get points<br />
    www.swagbucks.com/refer/wagawaga<br />
    want to know more???,send me a pm<br />
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