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  • Artist Info: A few things 'bout me:<br />
    I love music especially Birds of Tokyo, Muse, Naked and Famous and Opshop (I went to their concert!! XD)<br />
    I love the colours purple, lime green and orange.<br />
    My favourite books are Where The Wild Things Are and Outside Over There, both by Maurice Sendak.<br />
    I LOVE cupcakes! They are like my FAVOURITE thing ever.<br />
    I love drawing cartoon art escpecially cartoon dinosaurs. I have a whole bunch nased on me and my friends called Peanut Butter Jelly (me), Fluro (my bffl), Matchstick(my bffls boyfrend), Poppy(my other bffl), BB, Hazelnut, Caramello and Lola.<br />
    I am usually pretty hyper and fun except for when I'm sad. <br />
    I may seem really nice and happy to most people but don't make me mad or I might just rip your throat out. ;3<br />
    <br />
    Love this!!: User Image
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