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  • Artist Info: My name is Elizabeth. Im not shy so dont piss me off or i will definatly tell u what i think of u, but just for the record im not a bitch i just speak my mind. I love drawing, and writing poetry. I also like to read poetry and books, wach scary movies, and listen to music. Music is my escape, and I love any and all rock music prety much.<br />
    Im 16 and get one year older on april 1st at roughly 10:30 am , i have short dark brown hair, and beautiful greenish brown eyes.<br />
    Im very indapendent and like to complain when i feel the need, and Im not really good at anything except being myself. <br />
    I dont like posers, haters, or fakers. I exspres myself through dark clothing and a dark personality, so you can inturpritat that any way you feel fit... i think thats all there is to no about me for now, so if u have any further questions just ask. (:<br />
    <br />
    This Ish Meh ^^;<br />
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