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  • Artist Info: Heya guys n girlies!!!<br />
    Welcome to this here space that is mine, I am Alex<br />
    But you guys can call me Kimba<br />
    As you can see, I like colour and decoration<br />
    And yeah, I am English so don't rag me about my spelling or language use of you're not<br />
    I'm using BBcode for the first time, but I think I've done pretty well don't you?<br />
    Anyway, enough of that you want to know stuff about me?<br />
    I am short (5 foot 5) and hyper ^_^<br />
    I like music, I play the guitar and experiment with the piano and speak German and English as well as a li'l bit of Italian<br />
    I am 16 years old! And love cats *meow*<br />
    But most of all I am social, and love meeting people, so don't be shy and just say HI!!! ;3<br />
    <br />
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