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  • Artist Info: Hi. i'm a total slacker, hang around my house nearly all day, can't play any video games at the moment because i left my system at my grandma's, i'm an otaku, crosplayer, and i'm an artist. also, <br />
    I HAVE NO LIFE!! <br />
    it's true, over the summer i sat around watching youtube all day. i only got on to Gaia again because of my friend, so you can blame her for that. i'm 19, and short... and when i feel like adding more, you will know, but for now, i'm going to go back to bed.<br />
    Theme song: Angels by within temptation.<br />
    There's a few other ones that work just as well, I just can't seem to find them tonight...<br />
    <br />
    Here we go. i will take commisons for gold here, and i'll send you the link to my art account on sheezy. just pm me and i'll get to work. http://kuramafangirl102.sheezyart.com/ that is my main art account, so you can go check it out to see if you want to employ me
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