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  • Artist Info: All that you NEED to know...:I am a girl, for one and, no, I will not give out my age. I don't give a damn about negativity so don't even try pissing me off through that. My music tatse can be found in my playlist so I don't even need to tell you. I find I can only read mythological books or ones that seem unreal. I am fond of mythical creatures myself and constantly draw my vision of them, although, mostly dragons. I have a past of which ytou wouldn't believe, even on the internet, so I won't bother with it. It's way too long and complicated, anyway. I love roleplaying which you could find out by looking at the guilds I am part of. I have multiple sets of dark clothes, mostly black. I wear either that or the other blue and brown sets I have. I also wear jeans on weekends when I am inside mostly all day. I hate wearing things restricting so I usually don't wear skinnies. I, myself, am skinny to a point and I am stronger than some people. Even though I never keep my nails long, I can scratch you deep enough to bleed. (Multiple people have found that out the hard way...) I doubt you care if I reveal my interests but they include: drawing, reading, video games, computer, TV, and basically anything that keeps me insdie. Don't let this make you think I am not athletic because as soon as I actually do something, I am very competetive. I like to remain placid as much as I can. I get mad easily, though and I find that I grow more human eaverytime I make a friend. Friends to me are cherished higher than anything because they come the least often than anything. I get mocked constantly for making friends who just happen to be male. I find that I can get along with them easier since most girl like the colour pink(yuck!), horses(out here people farm...alot), and anything else girly you can think of. Anyway, I think I have explained enough for you to guess at what I am like. <br />
    <br />
    Also, check out my guild if you're interested. <br />
    My Guild<br />
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