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  • Artist Info: Hi people my name is Valeria bt ppl call me Val. I love anime...yes i'm an animelover! Whoo!!<br />
    I'm hispanic and i hav a pain in da ass step brother which he has dis 2, his name is Manny bt ppl kno him as Bloodysquirel.<br />
    I lyk rock, i listen 2 other songs 2 R&B,Hip-Hop,ect.<br />
    I hav a puppy name Destiny she turned 5 months on 9/5/08.<br />
    I listen 2 ppls problems cuz i like 2 help them.I like 2 hav fun and like 2 chill wit my friends.I'm learning how 2 speak in Japanese and my only weakness is chocolate!Once i eat it i go crazy and no can stop me lol.<br />
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