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    Who am I? Just some kid trying to make her way through this thing called life. I don't give my name to anybody I don't trust. So get to know me. My age... I'm 14. If you criticize me, then don't TALK to me, please. I don't take crap so don't say it. Hm... Well, right now I'm a freshman. So um... I'm not that grumpy or in a bad mood most of the time. I'm actually pretty nice if you get to know me. I love a lot of things. Like my 4 cats (and counting), my puppy Ollie, my friends, and my family. And of course, music. If you haven't noticed my profile. <br />
    I actually want to become a musician, even though I don't play any instrument that well... But I'm trying to force my dad to teach me how to play the guitar. Hopefully in the near future he will so my dream can start to become real.<br />
    Well, That's about it. Nice of you to stop by and read my boring little summary type of thing. Oh! I would love it if you would draw me. Thanks for reading! Send me a PM or comment if you want to talk. : ]
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