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    BOO! Hahax, did i scare yah..!?<br />
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    Oh haaaaaaay! It's SAMIA! Rawr to you too, sir. Anywayshh..Im not talking like that G shit. I think it makes them look stupid >,>;..Anyhu..I'm samia..doh..And i are azian american! I play by mi OWN rules. So..don't copy me SWAGGER JACKER! I are 14 going on 15.. I luff to draw, take a luk at my artz. My FAVE color is orange, and i love scary spooky things..AND MYSTERY, dont forget mystery ;O I am a VERY crazy and silly girl, so, if you get annoyed quickly, get the hell off my LAWN! hahax. [: I luff colors! black is like..so..ugh. i are SINGLE fer nao! SHOUT OUUTS! Here are my CLOSEST Best {[ TRUE ]} friends! Ahem! Tristan is my best friend EVAR! he is so silly! if u go to my pix u can see that. lol! He has been with me thru thick n thin. He's comforted me when times are bad. He's made me laugh in the worst case scenario. Tristan, you are my bestest friend! Ily buckoroo! <3 o and here r the less important friends >,> LOL jk (: tiarra..then madeline, briana, breana and jessica..and denisse..and some other ppl i forgot![: If yew wanna b my friend..u bettar talk to me >,>;; ELSE I DELETE YEW. Hahax. i love to get hacked.! ( as in writing nice stuff about me and not taking my stuff lol.!) Anywho..i'll add mor about me later if i don't feel lazy..im outta this junkyard shit!<br />
    Wheee~<br />
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