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    What's up world, what's happening? <br />
    Wow. It's been 2 years since this was last updated. <br />
    I've been doing swell, what about yourself?<br />
    If you're reading this, it must mean that you're interested in getting to know me. Well what can I say? I'm 17, from the U.S, and just got done with my Junior year of High School. I'm an odd child, and actually enjoy school. I'm exited for my senior year. I want to go on in life and through the State Department Exchange Program, go to teach ESL in other countries. I'd learn many new languages because they move you to a new country every 3 years. I love learning languages. Right now I'm in French, year 3. I love the idea of travel, and I really want to go to Scotland one day. Other things I like include video games. I don't get to play many, but I get into them when I do. I'm generally quiet and nice, but I have major gaming rage, which amuses many of my friends. I also enjoy drawing and writing, and I adore Deviantart. I also enjoy music, and I'm not picky. I prefer not to listen to rap, jazz, screamo (sp?), or country though. I grew up on oldies and music is something me and my mom shared, so it's important to me. <br />
    If you have any questions, or would just like to talk, feel free to IM me. I'm always up for a good conversation~
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