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  • Artist Info: well heres me for you!:<br />
    name: may...YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!<br />
    APPEARENCE:<br />
    hair colour: blondish brownish<br />
    length:shoulder height<br />
    eye colour: brown<br />
    skin colour: uhhhh....pink<br />
    height: five foot whatever<br />
    age: 13<br />
    FAVORITES:<br />
    book: twilight,new moon,eclipse, breaking dawn, song of the sparrow<br />
    movie: they all suck.... but if i must tell i like comedy blaugh <br />
    hobby: singing, i would like dancing but i have 2 left feet (NOT literally)<br />
    music: all but classical (UGH)<br />
    food: TACOS<br />
    dessert: lemon meringue pie!<br />
    class: art/drama/music<br />
    song: all of them<br />
    PET PEEVES:<br />
    noobs,cats (UGH),preps, brothers,posers (i get a lot of those)<br />
    FACTS:<br />
    mom: yes<br />
    dad:yes<br />
    brother/sister: UGH .....yes<br />
    outdoor activities i like: hiking, dirtbiking, dry camping<br />
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<br />
    thats as far as im gonna go with this since im probably boring you to tears
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