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  • Artist Info: I'm a writer, an artist, a dancer, a baker, and most importantly an Aquarius. I'm a silly college gal who really enjoys dancing around her dorm in her underwear singing into her mp3 player while hoping no one walks in. Me and the gym are really great friends. smile <br />
    I attended a school for fashion design for half a year, but it was expensive. I'm probably going to major in English, emphasis on creative writing. <br />
    My favourite colour is aquamarine. I only like numbers that end in 0 or 5 (the exceptions being 3, 7, and 21). I like to use the British spelling of words. I appreciate foreign languages. I think the colour orange is kind of ugly... My friends say I'm omniphobic. wink <br />
    <br />
    I like you! <3
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