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    I have not updated my Gaia profile since I was in high school omg. I'll keep it simple lol.<br />
    <br />
    Please call me Boshi!<br />
    I am cis-gender female, Mexican, 23 y.o. and I mainly use Gaia to roleplay or look for commissions when I'm running low on money. <br />
    I mainly do m/m roleplays but I'm willing to try f/f, but never f/m.<br />
    You may PM me and ask about starting a roleplay with me.<br />
    However<br />
    Do not be offended if I ask for samples or decline you. <br />
    Roleplaying is supposed to be fun for me, not a chore. <br />
    If you're younger than 18 y.o. I would prefer not to roleplay with you.
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