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  • Artist Info: Well hi...<br />
    My name? You can Call me Mobu or Dark<br />
    I'm a girl, I'm straight<br />
    Normally I'm nice...
    but I can turn really mean if I need to<br />
    I'm from Quebec, I speak FRENCH<br />
    I like punk, metal, screamo and core music...<br />
    I love video games<br />
    And I'm obseded with Laharl from Disgaea <3<br />
    HATE rap, pop, jazz, country "music"<br />
    If you're a gangsta shit or whatever, <br />
    Get outta my profile
    NOW<br />
    I love random friend request and random PM, EXCEPT SPAM ¬¬,<br />
    But please
    don't say something like<br />
    "Are you goth / emo / punk?"<br />
    I can say I'm all of the above...but
    no<br />
    I'm myself<br />
    Questions?<br />
    <br />
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