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  • Artist Info: heyy,,<br />
    my name would be caleb, but you can call me what you like.<br />
    i like doggies,<br />
    kingdom hearts and final fantasy,<br />
    ninjas,<br />
    vampires,<br />
    dragons,<br />
    werewolves,<br />
    and other sturf and such.<br />
    ummmmm my favorite color is green,<br />
    and then purple and pink and then black then white.<br />
    umm i like to skateboard,,<br />
    and play with my dog staxxx...<br />
    mostly i dont get on gaia much,,<br />
    im usually out skateboarding and doing sturf and such.<br />
    ummmm....... what else........<br />
    im single,,<br />
    my bestfreind would be rc,<br />
    and all of my other freinds would be seth,daniel,devin,jacob,james,jayson,treshon,izaak,nicole,cheyann,<br />
    flor,and more i cant remember
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