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    Morning or Afternoon! Where ever you live or the time change.<br />
    In korean, Hangul: <br />
    아침이나 오후! 어딜 시간의 변경이나 살고 있습니다.
    <br />
    Pronounced as : Achim-ina ohu! Eodil sigan-ui byeongyeong-ina salgo issseubnida.<br />
    Japanese:<br />
    午前か午後!どこにいて、時間の変更や住んでいる。<br />
    Pronounced as: Gozen ka gogo! Doko ni ite, jikan no henkō ya sunde iru.<br />
    Sure, Gozen is easier to pronounce then Ohayo Goziamasu, But I prefer Ohayo, it's more fun =]<br />
    I might be alittle rough on the languages, but I'm pretty good at them both and English. I am originally from Australia and haven't left the country but I learn both Japanese and Korean. I am going to Japan next year in the spring, but it will be summer for them or is it winter over here when I leave? I forget. <br />
    But We leave on September 24 and I can not wait til I get there! We are gonna go to Universal studios Japan! The theme park! =D soo Much to buy and loads of cosplay and manga shops, aswell as cute Japanese boys. =] <br />
    But anyway! If you wanna know about me, My name is Coralee Dwyer, but I am usually known as Corii.<br />
    I am: Thirteen and have been roleplaying since grade four, so when I was nine.<br />
    I am an absolute BIGBANG fan, Taeyang, Daesung, Lee sueng hyun, T.O.P and of course Kwon Ji yong or known as G-Dragon! I love them, they are sooo Adorable! ^^<br />
    I listen to SNSD, KARA, SUPER JUNIOR but like I said before, BIGBANG is my favorite along with the members from it.<br />
    I am a K-pop fan, but I also like Justin Bieber, The Devil Wears Prada, Parkway Drive, Flyleaf, BOTDF, and so on. But I prefer K-pop.<br />
    Or J-pop.<br />
    I write stories and poems, and Currently am going out with someone. I love Art, Singing, Writing, and music! Absolutely Love Music!<br />
    But seriously, if you want to be my friend, go ahead! =] I will not bite, unless you taste like chocolate. =p<br />
    No, but seriously, if you wanna be my friend, Just add me and send a Pm so we can chat. It's that easy, and if you talk Japanese and Korean, I'd be more then happy talking with you in your language, you don't really have to chat to me in English if you speak either of those other two.<br />
    Oh well, that's enough, oh and I LOVEEE RANDOM PM'S OR ADDS! Absolutely adore it =]<br />
    That's all for now! Love you all,<br />
    Bye-bi! =]<br />
    <br />
    User ImageUser Image<br />
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