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  • Artist Info: ohai.<br />
    my name is aimi. ^ ^<br />
    i'm not your average box of crackerjacks.<br />
    i've been here for a year or two, and i'm not thinking of leaving anytime soon.<br />
    i'm half jamaican with a bit of indonesian..o__o<br />
    i love manga and anime.<br />
    i like yaoi but im not necessarily a fangirl.<br />
    i hate. hate. hate. yuri.<br />
    i love meeting new people and making friends.<br />
    i don't mind the occasional donation to someone, but PLEASE don't beg me.<br />
    i'm willing to give out my aim, yahoo, etc. to friends but not my numbah.<br />
    i like to cosplay. mainly vocaloids.<br />
    donations are luffly. ^ ^<br />
    please don't randomly request me unless you get to know me a little!<br />
    i spend a fairly large amount of time on youtube. [ask for channel name]<br />
    i like drawing and i do occasional freebies.<br />
    i :heart free art (okay, fine! i'll pay you! >< )<br />
    well, i'm bored and sick of typing. bai.<br />
    <br />
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