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  • Artist Info: Hi Hi I'm Sami ^.^ <br />
    Age: 17<br />
    Birthday: February 24th <br />
    Blood: 50%Laos, 50% Viet & 100% Asian >.<<br />
    Favorite Colors: Red, Green, Purple, Black, Grey, White, & Silver<br />
    Favorite Foods/Snacks: Sushi, Strawberry Pocky, Hello Panda<br />
    Favorite Drink: Raspberry Ice Tea<br />
    Favorite Candies: Melon Gummies, Snickers, Twix, M&Ms<br />
    Favorite Videogames: Final Fantasy Series, Harvest Moon Series... those Cows are just too damn cute! >.<, Medal of Honor, Dead or Alive Volleyball, Dead or Alive & more just can't think of them all at the moment<br />
    Favorite Anime/Manga: Midori no Hibi, Crimson Hero, MARS, Happy Hustle High, Hot Gimmick, Saiyuki, Angel Santuary, NANA, Ouran High School Host Club, Meru Peri, & more ^.^<br />
    Favorite Bands/Groups/Singers: Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Do as Infinity, Mika Nakashima, Utada Hikaru, Tokyou Jihen, M-Flo, Emyli, Yoshika, Bennie K, Lisa, Se7en... the list goes on and on O.o<br />
    Hobbies: PLAYING VOLLEYBALL!!!, reading manga, drawing, listening to music, playing videogames, eating, hugging, taking cute pictures and CHOCOCAT!!!<br />
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