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  • Artist Info: I'm an Asian-American living in the Southwest. Most people call me Danny, but I've started to use my real name. Not telling you guys what it is.<br />
    <br />
    Personality: Every time I make a new friend I'm the nicest guy on Earth. One month later I'm an annoying pest that you can easily get rid of, but I'll be back the next day or the day after the weekend/holiday.<br />
    <br />
    Biography: I used to live in San Diego, CA, but moved to Arizona when I was six. Back in my early childhood, I got into fights a lot. There was a 3-on-1 fight in preschool, where I was the one person (check this, one of those kids became my best friend for 3 months); I choked a kid in 1st grade because he just kept bullying me (he didn't die, but still); and I was knocked out in 2nd grade by a vegetarian girl (I thought she was a 4th grader).<br />
    When I moved to Arizona, I didn't have anymore fights until 6th grade, where I got stabbed in the area between my shoulder and neck by a pen from my friend-turned-enemy. Although, he had good reason to because I was taunting him. Yeesh, but at least it didn't hurt that much. No fights yet, but I wanna be in the boxing club if my school ever gets one.<br />
    <br />
    Talents: Mediocre ability to play violin, piano, and harmonica. But I can eat a lot and still be fit. Like that one other Asian guy who's the Eating Champion.
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