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  • Artist Info: My name is Nicole, or Nikki, or Neko.<br />
    I'm 17 years old. Will be 18 August 5th biggrin <br />
    I like reading, writing, photography, drawing, painting, and tattoo artistry, as well as movies, music, anime, and tubing...and a bunch of other stuff but the list would be really long! lol<br />
    I don't like a lot of things, but i like to try and focus more on the good than the bad.<br />
    I try to stay positive but i do get down a lot. I have to say in like to stay random and kinda crazy just for the fun of it! biggrin and though i get super shy when alone, with my friends i get really loud and obnoxious. i am all for a good laugh and well, i feel a little awkward saying all this, so if you want to learn more add me, if not...well your loss! wink
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