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  • Artist Info: About me not really much Im half black half mexican<br />
    IM from da S.A.T San Angelo Teaxas born and raised livin in cleavland 4 now <br />
    Im a 13 year old who hold alot of shit on my shoulders cuz<br />
    im jus a person who does my own thang<br />
    tryin my hardest 2 change from who i use 2 be <br />
    but no matter wut <br />
    i cant <br />
    it jus thoughs lil memories the that keep me me<br />
    like jus kickin back with my homiez chillin drinkin smokin havin a badass time<br />
    and my lil bro dat died at 2 yearz old ADRIAN LOZANO R.I.P<br />
    i jus have alot of memoriez i cant let go of<br />
    cuz they keep me goin<br />
    most of all my mom i got 2 keep goin 2 repay 4 da hell i put her through<br />
    and da lil thingz she did 4 me NA evry thing she did 4 me<br />
    but yeah im Joseph A.K.A Lil Kreepy datz all u need 2 know <br />
    but if u want 2 know me better ADD ME!If u already havnt
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