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  • Artist Info: Hi ppl! i love to listen to muziq and my friends make me laff out loud. i have an airedale terrior and am currently fostering a lab. books are way cool. i love to play outside and climb trees. im a very odd person and likes a lot of bands. im not like normal girls. i hate preps cuz they think they are cool and can boss around any1. i get bored easily. when i say whats up? and people say not much my automatic thought is: ur in space? im not afraid to ask. 13/f/SC is my asl. if u were wonderin. i can be shy but not in theatre class. im very open adn dont care what ppl think about me. if u can deal with it u can go to hell for all care. im me and u cant change that. oh and i hate makeup. i never wear it anyway except on stage but thats only cuz i have to.<br />
    i love to play football, not two man touch but TACKLE!!!!<br />
    i would be ur best friend if u knew me<br />
    we would get along perfectly as long as ur not a prep!!!!<br />
    Bullet for my valentine, hollywood undead, 3OH!3, all-american rejects, A7x(avengend sevenfold), fall out boy, PATD(panic at the disco), avril lavigne, linkin park, and MANY MANY more. beleev me!!!<br />
    hhhmmmm...... football team........... WASHINGTON REDSKINS ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!but yeah running around and climbing trees if i havent said tht yet
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