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  • Artist Info: To see more art, visit my dA: http://slave2f8.devantart.com<br />
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    To commission me, go here: http://slave2f8.deviantart.com/journal/19570027/<br />
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    ~commission (kuh-mish-uhn)<br />
    verb (used with object)<br />
    1. to order a service or work which is acquired in exchange for the payment of money or its equivalent; to purchase or order<br />
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    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
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    “I wish you happiness from a faraway sky. The reason the kite flies happily in the sky… is not because it’s free. It’s because there’s a string that will eventually tug it close. Even if it could fly freely, no matter how high it flew… even if it could reach outer space, it wouldn’t be happy.”<br />
    “...I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make at all-”<br />
    “-Beyond that string is a place to go home to. Even if it gets tattered and torn, or becomes useless, there is a gentle hand that will hold it close. …That’s why I can fly. For that, I would live the rest of my life as a useless creature.”<br />
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    - Kimi wa petto<br />
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