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  • Artist Info: Hey y'allz! Um, let's see what do you want to know? If anything you want to know about me isn't posted on me profile, then feel free to PM me!!! 3nodding and check my "interests" box for tmi (or is it nei?). <br />
    Top Five Activities (like)
    <br />
    1. ROLE PLAYING!!! heart 3nodding <br />
    2. Hanging out with me 友人!(friends)♥ <br />
    3. Playing on the compoota! wink <br />
    4. VIDEO GAMES!!! rofl <br />
    5. Shopping! mrgreen <br />
    Top Five Activities (dislike)
    <br />
    1. Anything sports related. =.=""<br />
    2. Chores. >.<x<br />
    3. School/studying/tests. >, <;<br />
    4. Lessons. *O*!<br />
    5. Students older than me. (feel free to question! ♥) >.<lll<br />
    Top Five Manga
    <br />
    1. Vampire Knight!!! ♥♥♥<br />
    2. D.Gray-man!!! ♪♪♪<br />
    3. V.B. Rose! ♥<br />
    4. Death Note! ♪<br />
    5. Black Cat! 4laugh <br />
    Top Five Characters From Mangas!!! (♥)
    <br />
    1. Kaname Kuran! ♥♥♫<br />
    2. Yuu Kanda! ♫♥♪<br />
    3. Lavi!!! 3nodding <br />
    4. Devitto!! heart heart heart <br />
    5. Mitsuya Kuromine!!! ♥♥♫ xd <br />
    Top Five Characters From Mangas!!!( stressed )
    <br />
    1. Tyki Mikk. I regret putting his name on me profile! Ugh<br />
    2. Road Kamelot: Bitchy, Bitchy, Bitch.<br />
    3. Tsuyu Ichihashi. Whiny, mopey, moyashi.<br />
    4. (This one girl from Tokyo Mew Mew, 'forgot her name though!)<br />
    5. Ruka Souen.
    <br />
    Strange Obsessions!
    <br />
    1. TWINS!!!♥♥♥<br />
    2. Katanas!!!♪♫<br />
    3. JAPAN!!!!♥♥♫ heart <br />
    4. Spring!!♫♪<br />
    5. Gay things! (don't question me, I am not!) xd <br />
    6. Death. I just love it. And blood, and gore proving I am sadastic!♫<br />
    Okee so those are somethings i's obsessed with, I's obsessed with cute things, Japan, Spring/summer, and that kind of stuff too.<br />
    I like gay things, and i love fanfiction (mostly fictional ones!).<br />
    My favorite holiday is me birthday, and least favorite is Valentine's day, i ♥ me mum, manga, technology, warm seasons, and pillows. I adore quizes, i'm obsessed with obsession, loves oxymorons, and bitter gourds. Hates chocolates, favorite flavor est sweet heart <br />
    Doesn't like cold things, wet things, soggy things, sticky things, smelly things, brown things, hole-y things, geography, and limits. Hate it when things are broken, terrified when thngs won't open, emotional when something goes wrong, and really doesn't give a damn about academics.<br />
    All right, me idol is MIYOC, a Chinese coser, and she's really good at it too! Check the media box with the youtube vid to see what I mean! I'm also an LM.C (lovely-mocochang.com) nut, so they count as heroes, and I also like PIERROT and Nightmare...complete nut about them--but Kirito is also my hero because he is the father of about 4/5 bands (how many wives does he have? JK, he's single...=.=||| but 38/39).<br />
    So there you have it, that's some stuff, and again, feel free to PM if there's anything else u'd lyke tew know! ♥♪♫ [^-^;]>
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