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  • Artist Info: Daniele 22 pansexual libertarian individualist animal lover<br />
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    I work as a cashier at a thrift store, and volunteer my spare time at an animal shelter. I am friendly, but not very open. I have a little bit of an inferiority complex, and selective mutism.. I enjoy talking and getting to know people with similiar interests, and i love meeting eccentric, or very friendly /over-the-top people (who are the exact opposite of me).<br />
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    Likes : horror (Asian, classic slashers, b-horror, creepypasta, urban legends, folk-lore), unsolved mysteries, anime / manga (psychological / horror / magical girl genres), music (everything from oldies, to post-hardcore, even a little rap), retro video games ( i collect them), astronomy, 90s pop culture, piercings / tattoos.<br />
    <br />
    Hates : most bugs, politics, bible-thumpers, homophobes (even snide comments and jokes about somebody being gay), judgmental people (especially adults (i am a prime example for someone who is judged wrongly by how i dress and the things i like and music i listen to. don't think you know anything about me by looking at me). close-mindedness.
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