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  • Artist Info: Hey! I'm Emily. I live in Massachusetts. I am 10 years old. I like panda bears, Owl City, and Sailor Moon. Right now I am typing with the bottom of a paint brush! biggrin ! I hate dumb people or people who treat me dumb because of my age. I am quite mature and different than most 10 year olds. I love drawing anime and I also am fascinated by photography. I like Demonic and Angelic things. If you'd like to sit and chat, PM me. If you'd like a cupcake, then F OFF! MY CUPCAKES! Lol XD jk! I can be very fun and lovable if you get to know me! My favorite colors and Black and Hot Pink. I LOVE pandas! My fave movie is The Pagemaster and my fave TV/ computer (I mean) show is Sailor Moon because where I am it's not on TV. But I enjoy iCarly. I don't have any time to take care of my aquarium on here, cuz I have to take care of my freaking lil' annoying as hell cat, Oliver. He's gray and fluffyable!<br />
    There you have it, a 100 pound A cup fat-ish 10 year old with short blond hair and amber eyes that loves.... SUSHI!
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