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  • Artist Info: It is pernounced daymee.<br />
    People call meh emo all the time<br />
    But i dont label people.<br />
    Call meh emo if yew want too.<br />
    Im used to it.<br />
    I have the most loveable cat in the world.<br />
    Her name ish twinke.<br />
    She means the world to meh.<br />
    I am single.<br />
    I am in 8th grade <br />
    and have really awesome friends.<br />
    PM me anytime.<br />
    I enjoy people leaving meh comments and stuff.<br />
    I dont turn down anyone.<br />
    Well... i am very moody so i guess it depends.<br />
    (I think im bi-polar)<br />
    Speaking of Bi.. i am bi.<br />
    Dont make fun of meh.<br />
    My stepbrother ish fake.<br />
    Faker than Peanut butter made of cashews.<br />
    Well, i guess thats it.<br />
    PM MEH!
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