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  • Artist Info: Hello, there's not too much to say about me. <br />
    I have a big family, ginormous really, hehheh. I have a pretty good relationship with my siblings and we have a lot of family gatherings. You gotta be a gamer in this family and I really love playing games. XD<br />
    My siblings (mainly my brothers) and I love to play pranks and jokes on each other, so I'm a pretty sneaky person when it comes to that. XP <br />
    I like martial arts, I used to be a red belt in tae kwon do. I like drawing, music, animals, anime, dancing in the rain, hanging with friends, playing sports, the dark (night is my time),and much more. <br />
    I can be pretty random and hyper but I'm also a kind person. I'm kinda short, only about 5' 4"- yes kels shorter then you for once...XP. Friend me if ya want.
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