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  • Artist Info: Salut.~<br />
    I'm the personification of Canada, not that many people will remember it. The name chosen for my human persona is Madeline Williams, or Maddie for those who I'm close to. <br />
    I'm the second largest country in current existence, with 10 provinces and 3 territories. Not that that does any good to anyone recognizing me for more than five minutes. <br />
    Though...thankfully...I have been becoming more noticed as of lately. Whether I'm being noticed for something that's worth having acknowledgement...I can't say I'm sure. <br />
    What else about me...oh, I speak many languages, though English and French are my main ones. For those who know me, I am most known for being a multicultural nation, and accepting those of other cultures into my homeland in time of need; thus the reason why I'm good friends with Ukraine. <3<br />
    England and France were the two first to colonize me, and as such I consider them as parents. America is my only true sibling, though I do consider a few other countries to be family members.<br />
    I'm taken by Holland, and I have two kids, my lovely twins Alice and Elwood (or Elliot). heart <br />
    <br />
    Please don't hesitate to stop by to say hello...even for a minute or two...I love being able to have the opportunity to chat with anyone who passes by. <3<br />
    <br />
    OOC; Warning: I play my Canako's personality..well...all over the damn place. For some people she'll be nice and polite, to some painfully adorable, to some a bitch, to some she'll become all sultry and 'French', the list will go on forever. <br />
    You don't like it? You find yourself annoyed by that? I could really care less. c: <br />
    Other stuff I feel like mentioning: You add me, you talk to me. I delete people whom I never talk to. <br />
    Last note: I support any nation with Canako, male or female. Just throwing that out there. //shot
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