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    My Name Is Aliza Santos - Aserdano biggrin <br />
    Err.. You Can Call Me.. Aliza though..<br />
    Argg.. I am already 16 years old biggrin <br />
    I AM A FILIPINO smile <br />
    ROOSEVELTIAN biggrin <br />
    I like to do things I like the most<br />
    And for me..TRUE LOVE is HARD to find but EASILY to be LOST<br />
    I like Expressing myself and letting my shell broke up smile <br />
    I like drawing non-sense and scribble biggrin <br />
    They say I am a bit mean when I am not in the mood<br />
    But so naughty if I am having fun<br />
    Most of the time i spend my whole life in front of the PC or<br />
    Just in my room listening to music<br />
    I am an animal lover..Mostly Dogs And hamsters<br />
    I like creating new friends..Discussing what we like..<br />
    Err.. Seriously I hate Metal NOISE..I dont consider them as MUSIC<br />
    MUSIC for me should make sense and make you emotional smile <br />
    I also like SMILING 'cause when I smile..I hide away my feelings smile <br />
    I like Singing alone.. But the truth is..I got a stage fright..<br />
    I admit it I AM CHILDISH..something wrong??! HUH! XDD<br />
    Sometimes I try not to cry..for just a day<br />
    But somehow..I think something..sad just to make myself cry<br />
    I love crying myself to sleep<br />
    And when i feel so bad...I intend to hurt myself without anyone noticing<br />
    DONT WORRY...I am not emo biggrin <br />
    hmm..AHH! I also like...TEDDY BEARS... i got collection of those biggrin <br />
    Well, I dont have them in our house cause i place it in my bedroom in our province<br />
    But I got a few of them in our house biggrin <br />
    I like Dancing, Singing And Acting too biggrin <br />
    One Day I wanna travel around the world smile <br />
    I like Putting Smileys in Whatever i write or type razz <br />
    HABIT?? Hmm.. Is Sleeping A habit?<br />
    I like watching animes especially INUYASHA...<br />
    I Love inuyasha very much biggrin <br />
    I am Also not a SECRETIVE person<br />
    But I know how to handle secrets biggrin <br />
    hmm.. what else..<br />
    AHH! I easily having a crush on those who are really good in playing guitar and singing too razz <br />
    Considering it as an ideal man<br />
    But..Not All ideal man is the Mr. Right...Am i correct?<br />
    my motto..hmm...TRUE LOVE WAITS biggrin <br />
    fave color smile ...PINK BLACK AND PURPLE biggrin
    <br />
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