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  • Artist Info: First name: Courtney<br />
    Gender: Female<br />
    Race:......<br />
    Where i grew up: Bartlett and Montgomery<br />
    Style of music: country and hip hop<br />
    Dream car: Mustang GT<br />
    Car i have now: Blue blue mini van<br />
    Dream occupation: pro softball player<br />
    Current occupation: none yet!!!<br />
    Number of stories on house: 1<br />
    Favorite teachers name: Mr. Holub<br />
    Mothers name: Amber michelle<br />
    Fathers name: Ronald James<br />
    Step-fathers name: jonathon<br />
    Step-mothers name: dont have one<br />
    Brothers Name: dont have one<br />
    Sisters name: Shelbey patricia<br />
    Future college: harvard university<br />
    Future home state: California<br />
    Favorite sport: softball<br />
    Favorite food: nachos and pizza. its totally a tie<br />
    Favorite ice cream: Mint chocolate chip<br />
    Straight teeth or not: had braces and now have retainers<br />
    Favorite outfit owned: dont have one<br />
    Highest amount of gaia gold: 5000gg<br />
    Favorite name/dream name: rebecca<br />
    Dream dates name: Lucas<br />
    Dream dates outfit: whatever i tell him to wear...<br />
    Dream dates looks: hot, hot, and hotter.<br />
    Fat or skinny: kind of on the fat side<br />
    Age:........<br />
    YOULL FIND OUT MORE FROM ME L8R!!!!!!!<br />
    <br />
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