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  • Artist Info: i love anime and manga any kind so if you have any that you like then please giveith me the nameith lmao<br />
    anywhoo...<br />
    i love to read and i love to write poems i dont think that any of my poems are good but i love other peoples poems so if you would like send me some of your poems and i will defenatley read them all<br />
    i hate people who give me the whole do this this and this in this amount of time and you'll be rich i tried it it really works!!! NO it doesnt and i am already have almost as much gold as i want thank you.......<br />
    what else.....? hmmmmmm.......<br />
    Oh! i hate forwards as well. i like some of the stories but i hate the whole you will be haunted forever,...or, you will have bad luck for twenty years of your life, ooooooh sooo scarey!! not. <br />
    anywhooo,<br />
    my heart is currentley being stolen by my sweets no i will not tell you who it is unless you are my friend dont ask why its just something that i do sorry if it bugs you.<br />
    and if you come and give me a friend request i'll defanatly accept, BUT if you pm me and expect me to "go out" with you i will not i DO NOT cheat, it one of my many rules lol<br />
    well now tht i got the whole pissy side of me down lets start with the fun side razz !!!!<br />
    i L-O-V-E to go to parties as long as i know at least one person there, especially if i go wis my friend jordan (he just graduated ^.^ i is happy for hims)<br />
    i love stuffed animals but not the teenage pink fluffy kind i like hot topic plushies lol especialy gir i L-O-V-E him ................. and tacos <br />
    lol<br />
    well tht bout covers it.......<br />
    OH! i also dont care if you type in txt language i ussually do it too i just thought that this would be easier for you guys to read if i didnt write like that.<br />
    so if you dont like to use"proper grammar" then dont worry about it and if you dont like"txt language" then ,again, dont worry about it i do not care.<br />
    there that covers it all... ... ... ... i think? .... ... ... ... ...<br />
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