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  • Artist Info: // Previously RockSkullGirl // spiffy jesus since '7 '13<br />
    Well hullo there.<br />
    How are you today?<br />
    Get to know a few things about me yeah?<br />
    »Let's see. I like to read fiction/mystery/horror/[m/m]romance novels/manga/manhwa.<br />
    »I like to read/write/draw in my free time (pft, how average am I). Which is almost all the time since I have no life. I don't do shit in my free time 'cause I have no fucking free time.<br />
    »Something super important about me: I like apple pie, like, a lot. Make me some and you'd be my best friend.<br />
    »l make friends pretty easily I guess. And I'm extremely easygoing. I'm also pretty stoic, so if I'm mad at you or I hate your guts, you wouldn't know. c: But I'd love it if you started a conversation, yeah?<br />
    »I'm a junior (in high school).<br />
    »I have a vivid imagination.<br />
    »William Shakespeare is the best. I would have loved to be born in his time period. Second and third best are Sarah Monette and John Grisham. Fourth and fifth are Tod Strassen and David Ebershoff.<br />
    »The library is my home. The place where I live is my home away from home. c:<br />
    »The human race disgusts me. <br />
    »I get bored easily.<br />
    »I believe in lust, not love.<br />
    »Cyan is one of my favorite colors. So is charcoal gray. And dark olive green. <br />
    »I'm also an extremely lazy person so I'm gonna just stop here.<br />
    »Well then, goodbye, mein little fraulein. Go entertain yourself.<br />
    »And visit my Tumblr if you have time. c':
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