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  • Artist Info: User Image Hi there, my name is Utena Tenjou and I attend ohtori academy. when i was a young girl a prince inspired me to be noble and now after many years have passed I have been trying my best to be a noble prince. I'm a tomboy and very easy going. I have gotten involved in duels in order to revolutionize the world. and Anthy is my rose bride. I just hope she doesn't get taken away by another duelist... I thought my prince was Akio but i was very wrong and I now hate him. After winning in a battle against him i left ohtori for my own personal reasons. But i have returned and ever sicne i got back yet more trouble arrived as well. There are new duelists and something darker than before is hiding within the shadows. There are so many new students who i have not had a chance to duel yet... My main goal is to protect Anthy. Do I really wish for a revolution? <br />
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    I took a personality quiz and I got Utena of corse<br />
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