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  • Artist Info: Hey! It's me dramarama90 also known <br />
    as Jaidyn or JJ . I'm originally from California <br />
    and luv to play volleyball! I'm a big fan of <br />
    ' The All American Rejects'.They're so cool!<br />
    I have an annoying bro named Kevin or Jr..<br />
    A bratty sister Shanne or Shannie-bannanie .<br />
    I don't even want to go there.<br />
    And finally a boring 17 year old sister Lauren or as I like to call her louey boloey.<br />
    Wow! isn't my life exciting?<br />
    As some people know I am a big fat dork.<br />
    I'm a crazy wierd girl who likes to listen to rock n roll.<br />
    I'm half asian and half latino. <br />
    But I don't give a dam of what what people think about me.<br />
    I'm really random sometimes.<br />
    I hate it when people get on my nerves , take my brother Kevin for example he talks to much. When i'm on the computer he has to be there..........<br />
    My best friends are Julia, Ali , Desiree ,Jessica, and Aryana!<br />
    My hobbies are volleyball,kickball, and being loud. see that was so random!<br />
    I have black silkey hair. I have brown eyes. And I'm 15 inches tall. Maybe. I hate it when my brother talks about the Earth like when he talks to much. I love chinese food. I hate doing homework!<br />
    I don't have anything else to say so alstalavesta!<br />
    PEACE!<br />
    <br />
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