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    Then I will spin you a web, a tale upon your fate as I draw closer to you. Do not be afraid let my words spellbind and capture your attention. For these fears I do not seek upon your lovely and pure features. Love can be painless if you give into your deepest and darkest dreams. For death brings a new meaning to the life you so wish to desire. Let my lips of fate guide your soul into a blissful embrace. A kiss could be a meaning for two, but for me and you we shall endure. For two shall be one in this immortal ceremony to bond us together forever. I shall bring you down deep into the shadows that is me. My very reverence brings you to your knees for this ethereal penance outweighs our hunger. The thirst for flesh upon your bones when the lust tempts you and calls out. Give into your need, your power that inflames my heart to the temptation that I will destroy and corrupt your every being. For this need is real and shall to haunt you after our lips part from the kiss upon our death. Moments from seconds turn to eons as the sands of time fade and you fall into the euphoria of intoxication... A kiss upon your lips is all it takes....<br />
    --Azixe<br />
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