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    Hello!!<br />
    I am known as Cookie, for my love of cookies. My other nicknames are;<br />
    Bean<br />
    Beaner<br />
    Beanies<br />
    Kitten<br />
    Muffin<br />
    doodlezz<br />
    and anything else you could come up with!<br />
    My real name is Sabrina. But the name a wish i had is Elizabeth Zathera Malone. I like writing and reading. I haven't finished a book yet, but i think I'm close! My age is classified information. I love advanced literate roleplays, though they are sadly hard to find now-a-days... <br />
    My best friend sadly does not have a gaian account, but she will soon i hope. <br />
    Oh, and to add to my nickname list;;<br />
    Izz<br />
    Zoe<br />
    After the name i wish i had.
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