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  • Artist Info: I heart to roleplay~<br />
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    Yeah... So hello~! My name is Kuro Xia, I currently live in china, but was born at japan. <br />
    My favorite things are to sing, party and fight of course... what? my age?? *laugh* Well you can just keep dreaming, i am not going to tell my age to you... My eye color is gray... i think it's boring to have grey eyes, i want red ones... and my hair color is orange~ as you can tell imma tiger too~ <br />
    SO things i HATE are.... emotion_eyebrow peoples who say they are useless and they got no point on living on, guys who hurt women... i want to kill hose bastards *muttering* AND too sweet things... like chocolate.... like who could eat that stuff....? *secretly does want to eat some chocolate...* emotion_drool And i like baggy outfits~ so you can't see my sexy muscles under them~ *wink wink* wink <br />
    Gh... anyways... Imma go to my mafia gangs base... see ya later and it was nice to meet~ *waves and walks away* AND ONE MORE THING.... I already have a girl in my eye... so GTFO if you try to flirt with me...
    <br />
    <br />
    Running through the town... Kuro wasn't sure what he was looking for, <br />
    but he could feel it... It was close to him, somewhere in this town... It's a person.. who was the same as he was...
    <br />
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