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  • Artist Info: Call me Allie<br />
    (That's not my name, though...)<br />
    My bestest friends are
    Inu Sakuya and Nick_da_Quic11.<br />
    My sister is
    sugarsweetangel 968.<br />
    I'm pretty
    fun.<br />
    I can be
    serious at times.<br />
    I'm easily
    upset, hurt or angered.<br />
    I'm not
    gullable at all.<br />
    I'm easily
    jealous.<br />
    I have very low
    self-esteem.<br />
    I tend to squeeze
    lies into some things.<br />
    I do not
    curse and do not act very innapropriate.<br />
    I do not believe in the word
    normal.<br />
    I am quite
    young.<br />
    act/look older than my real age.<br />
    I like to
    RP.<br />
    If I
    trust you enough, I'll give you my real name, real age or my password to help me with certain things.<br />
    PM me for that information.<br />
    <br />
    I love you
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