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  • Artist Info: WAZZUP PEOPLE OF GAIA!!!!!!! Here's a few things about me, so get out some pen and paper... I will quiz you afterwards... ok... not really.... <br />
    <br />
    I love the movie, The Dark Knight!!!!! Christian Bale is soo hot!!! My favorite animes are Devil May Cry, Eureka Seven, Basquash, Blood , Gurren Legann, Michiko to Hatchin, Cowboy Bbebop, FMA,and K-ON . <br />
    I love psychology books.... really BIG psychology books. My favorite mangas are Deadman Wonderland, Battle Angel Alita, Mysterious Girlfriend X, and Highschool of the Dead.<br />
    My fav bands are My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy (please don't ask me to choose between them... I can't do it.), Gym Class Heroes, and Outkast. I have alot of favorite solo artist... some include Kanye West, Pink, Lil' Wayne.<br />
    I love playing videogames, reading, and watching manga. I LOVE DRAWING!!!!!! I also enjoy listening to my favorite songs.
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