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    Ello Ello Ello Ladies and Gentleboys. : )<br />
    <br />
    To my profile. : )<br />
    I'm going to be telling you a little bit about myself, so read and learn.<br />
    First off im in
    LOVE with Cole sprouse.<br />
    Second off I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the show avatar. It's my first favorite show! So if your planning on making fun of me . . . Don't bother speaking with me.<br />
    My second favorite show is Suite life on deck. YES i know, kid shows. x P<br />
    My favorite color is
    neon green I dont know my favorite song, singer, actor, actress, so dont bother asking or i'll tell you to read my About Moi.<br />
    I can be a butt hole if you get me angry, but i can be super nice if you dont. x D I also donate but please do not beg, its VERY annoying. : )<br />
    Besides loving Cole sprouse i also have an anime crush. Hahaha. I like Prince Zuko from avatar and Aang the AVATAR WHO SAVED OUR LIVES. Hahaha.<br />
    My birthday is October 3rd so please either greet me happy birthday, give me a gift, or both. : D If you do it for me i'll do it for u. : D D D<br />
    I don't have much more to see besides these 2 words. . . <br />
    The End !
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