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  • Artist Info: you want a kiss... *hands you a hersheys kiss* =] If a oreo named george came to life.. and was curious on how his friend bob thee oreo taste.. is that wrong HELLO EVERYONE!!! Im Angelina Maree Oakes,,, Im like EVERYTHING in one, as in im mexican, british, irish, indian(apache) , german... the list goes on. Im a Senior at Rialto High School aka hell. Im a strong believer in having fun and cracking jokes, but its all in good fun. I think i point out things that no one else would even think about. When your with me you will always see something werid. Im not fake, or stuck up, or non understanding. I like getting other peoples opinions but in the end im going to do what my heart feels. I love the color green, and being a misfit, and my camera, and my long lasting gold fish aka god, and my kitty (my fav. kit kat charlie), and i love youtube aka life, and your mom because shes from your mamas mamas village in your daddys backyard <br />
    <br />
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