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  • Artist Info: ♥m3llow♥<br />
    <br />
    ♥m3llow is tall<br />
    ♥m3llow is fan of anime!!!<br />
    ♥m3llow is half english<br />
    ♥m3llow is scared of ghost story and dark<br />
    ♥m3llow is cheerful<br />
    ♥m3llow is very friendly<br />
    ♥m3llow is the last child<br />
    ♥m3llow is cute (hehe)<br />
    ♥m3llow like to do something new<br />
    ♥m3llow like to smile<br />
    <br />
    ♥A Friend I Can Count On<br />
    <br />
    when troubles come a callin'<br />
    as those gremlins often do,<br />
    and my spirit keeps on fallin'<br />
    till I feel low down and blue...<br />
    when I look around for comfort,<br />
    someone quickly jumps to mind,<br />
    one who always will support me,<br />
    and those words are always kind.<br />
    Who will make my mood feel lighter,<br />
    who'll help beat my troubles back,<br />
    she make the sun shine brighter<br />
    and gets my spirit back on track.<br />
    Who helps the road seem straighter,<br />
    and helps me get around each bend,<br />
    who make each day seem greater,<br />
    and that someone is you smile
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