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    Im Crazy And Shy. Dont Like Mii idc :]. I Can Be A Little Emo So Get Use 2 It. My Name Is Drake. Im A 15 Year Old Boy. I Blow The Candles On Sep. 9th. I Like The Color Blue. I Love Noodles.I Love Rain. My Current Status Is Single. If U Can Not Break My Heart Id Lik 2 See U Try ;[ . i Love Anime. My Fav Animal Is Panda's. There Lovable And Cute. Im Not Such A Boy Boy. Dont Make Fun Of Mii Bishes :]. I Have At Least 85% Of Girls As My Friends. Y Becuz Boys Hate Mii. Which idc Girls Are Kinda Better 2 Talk With. Un Less With They Hit U. I Love Talking. If I Talk 2 Much Just Slap Mii. Ill Maybe Stop. I Can Get Sad Alot. But Ill Cheer Up. <br />
    Well Im Out Bye <br />
    Luv Ya All <33
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