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  • Artist Info: Saru mo ki kara ochiru.<br />
    Even monkeys fall from trees.<br />
    Nan kuru nai sa<br />
    It'll be all right<br />
    <br />
    Haii~ My names Ocean (yes thats my name) But my friends call me Oce. Or if on gaia it depends i.e : kubi, kat, kitty, And Katsu. xD I'm an otaku I like cosplay, video games and anime, By far my favorite game is Okami. the art work in that game is to die for.... I enjoy fast rides at amusement parks xD I am on a swim team called the Marystown Marlins :3 . I am a hyper girl and I like meeting new people. <br />
    well anyways~ Im feeling really random at the moment sooooo~ My favorite holiday is Halloween :3 and and uhhh... >.< Wolves are my favorite animal in the world~ and if I had a super power I would have to have the power to be a shape shifter. And my favorite fictional animal is a Dragon :3 <br />
    Oh yah and some of the cosplays I do are:<br />
    Naruto - Kiba<br />
    Kingdom hearts - Riku <br />
    Kingdom hearts ( Halloween town) - Wear wolf Riku (custom) <br />
    Hitman reborn - Gokudera <br />
    Alice in wonderland - Mad Hatter <br />
    Pokemon - Plusle <br />
    Wolf - Just a wolf suit Kigurumi <br />
    Pokemon - Mightyena <br />
    Air Gear - Ikki <br />
    matryoshka/ vocaloid - Haku
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