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  • Artist Info: i have big dreams inside of me. i dont look like i do, but the thing is that im too shy. im the kind of person who would dance to a good music i like when no ones looking. i like to draw pics of anime. but im still workin on it. i also want to play the piano. i want to play beautifull music that everyone would want to stop and hear. i also want to help out needy animals. some people dont treat animals right, and i wish it would stop. if only people can look into their eyes then they could see what they are feeling. see that all they really want is to be loved and be equal to us humans. and for the wild, it would be to live in their habbitats with a family of their own. there realy isnt a diffrence btween humans and animals. we want the same thing. family,love and peace.<br />
    That was me in like 2010 or so Lol its 2017 almost 2018 and what i want now is to have a life with my bf ignacio and live my own life with some money and the freedom to go anywhere instead of being 23 and almost stuck at home like a teenager.
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